Our Team

Our good service is based on our comprehensive knowledge of China, our many years of experience in the tourism industry and knowledge of different foreign languages and cultures. Since many members of our team live and studied in Europe and the United States, we have unrivaled awareness of foreign’ wants and needs.


Xiao Lu MAO

Mr. Mao is a graduate of China’s University of Zhejiang, as well as the German universities of Augsburg and Bayreuth. He has been involved in China’s tourism industry for 15 years.

Mr. Mao is part of the founding team of Hangzhou Zhongteng Travel. He is CEO of CHINA GROUP TOURS and is in charge of marketing and sales.


Ms. Qian obtained her Bachelor Degree in German language from Hefei University. She is Ceo-Founder of Hangzhou Zhongteng Travel and is currently the head our sales department.

Meng Meng DING

During her studies at Université de Rennes in France and the University of Jinan in China, Ms. Ding took every opportunity to travel the world and learn about foreign cultures.

Since joining our team, she has been able to make her passion into a career and is looking forward to many new culturalencounters. CHINA GROUP TOURS has an excellent team of travel consultants. We will try our best to guarantee a comfortable and relaxed travel experience.

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