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Authentic China
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As a company based in China, we know our country very well and are familiar with each of the places which our customers may wish to visit.

We design our itineraries so that you can see not only tourist highlights, but also elements of authentic China.

Besides visiting fascinating cultural treasures and tourist attractions, we strive to give you more chances to experience the unique daily life of local people and Chinese culture and tradition.

Make your China trip memorable and plunge into the Chinese culture!


With us, you have the opportunity to taste authentic Chinese food and dishes.

We try to avoid providing meals in so-called "tourist restaurants" which are exclusively for tourists and thus you lack the authentic atmosphere of a Chinese restaurant. Instead, we take you to selected restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine of different regions.

We will also pr ovide the opportunity to try some culinary masterpieces, including the famous dish of Peking duck in its birthplace of Beijing or a dumpling banquet in Xi’an.


We avoid bookings in international hotel chains and instead, have carefully chosen hotels in local styles, which are characterized by decoration in the traditional Chinese style and excellent service.

For breakfast, a combination of Western and Chinese specialties will be served so you can get to know the local cuisine even better, without having to compromise on some fresh coffee and a croissant with jam!

Our hotels all have wonderful locations and you will be able to take walks to a night bazaar or a street populated by lively bars.


With us,you will visit the hutongs of Beijing,whch are centuries-old, still inhabited narrow streets of small Chinese-style houses. In Hangzhou, we will show you a tea plantation and you will learn about the ancient tradition of Chinese tea production!

You can also pay a visit to a Tibetean family in a village near Lhasa and try to talk to the host (with the help of our local Tibetan guide), just during your unforgettable trip!

Local tour guide

Instead of organizing a guide who would accompany you on your entire trip, we have local guides available for each destination so you are able to learn more about  regional and local cultures.
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